Ubuntu Tablet PC Review: A Closer Look

Ubuntu Tablet PC Review Introduction

This article gives you a glimpse on the tablet PC using the Ubuntu Operating system. The first Ubuntu Tablet PC is the PO7 that has been manufactured by Tenq, a Taiwanese firm. It has been released in March 2011 with a starting price of $400. Ubuntu is one of the operating systems that is based on Linux and it’s a free open source operating system so it allows the Hardware maker to pass on the savings to the customer.

What is Ubuntu Operating System for Tablet PC?

Ubuntu is a free operating system software for all—PC, laptops, and tablet PCs. The word “Ubuntu” comes from the African word which means “humanity towards others”.  The operating system has included software packages that are free.  There are 3 main functions of the Ubuntu OS and that is for usability, stability, as well as security. Like Windows’s Microsoft Office, the Ubuntu also has Office tools interface like the LibreOffice.  They also include free games like Sudoku and chess.

Tenq PO7 – Ubuntu On Tablet PC Overview

Tenq PO7 is one of the most popular Ubuntu On tablet PC in the marketHere are the features of the Tablet PC, along with the specs and other details that are important for you to know:

Product Summary:

Description and Feel: The Ubuntu Tablet PC PO7 is said to have very chunky buttons. It has a glossy multi-touch screen that works well on the Ubuntu Interface. It is just heavier than other tablets but its look is similar to most expensive tabs.

Dimensions: It has a size of 26.7 x 17.3 x 1.8 cm, which is similar to most tablets but can be noticeably thicker.

Weight: Weighs heavier with 900 grams

Screen display: The screen size is 10.1 inches and the resolution is said to be Pixel Q display

Operating System: Ubuntu 10.10 version (Linux-based) which runs pretty fast and responsive. It also has many free packages included like apps and software that is needed for office and more.

Chip Processor: Ubuntu Tablet PC PO7 is powered by 1.6 GHz ARM Processor. It is speedy though not that excellent with the Tegra 2 processor.

Hard Drive Memory: 32 GB internal memory and a 2 GB SSD

Price and Carrier: The price will start from $400 so it’s cheaper than the iPad but more expensive than ASUS Eee pad.


  • Screen Size: 10.1 inches diagonal
  • Resolution: Pixel Q Display
  • Battery Life: “not stellar”
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 10.10 OS (Linux-based)
  • Processor: ARM Processor (1.6 GHz)
  • Hard Drive: 32 GB

Other Competitors and Options

When it comes to the Operating system, Ubuntu Tablet PC like the Tenq PO7 has no direct competitor yet, though the OS can be installed freely by anyone. As for the size and close range price, the best competitor is the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and the Apple iPad, which is priced $399 and $499 respectively.

General Reception and Reviews

Most reviews on Ubuntu Tablet PC are positive since the OS is just free along with apps and other essential software. Most people love it because it is a Linux based Operating System, one that is known to have the best performance OS aside from Android and Windows.

They are not widely known according to reviews, but it is best used for the business works. One reviewer named “Ghostaliaz,” said, “Tablet season brings a new Ubuntu powered tablet, now I would buy a tablet with Ubuntu on it)”.

The Verdict

The Ubuntu Tablet PC is a pretty decent. Ubuntu runs can run fast and have features that are very useful for business and office process applications. The fact that the OS is free makes it more desirable at its bargain price. It is responsive and speedy along with the ARM Processor but cannot exceed the power of iPads and Xoom. Overall, for savvy users, the Ubuntu Tablet PC is one option you can take, especially if you want to experience a new Operating System.

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