Time to Get Rid of the Eye Luggage

I found the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore because I simply couldn’t stand the bags under my eyes anymore. I call them eye luggage, and I’ve often made the joke that they treated the bags under my eyes as carry ons at the airport because they’re so noticeable. Is there anything anyone has ever been able to do about these things? I didn’t think so. I’d had them for years and of course they got worse as I got older. I have a high stress financial banking job too and that certainly doesn’t help. I finally resolved to find a solution.

A friend suggested I try an aesthetic clinic in the city. He went there for some skin work and they fixed him right up. I think he had bad pores and they were able to work on them and get them to shrink significantly. It must have worked because I didn’t see any problems with his face. Anyway, he said call and make an appointment to go in because he was sure they had a solution to the eye bags problem. What did I have to lose? Even if it helped only a bit, it would still be better than it is now.

So I went in and was fascinated to learn that there does indeed exist a solution to the problem. What they do is take some Hyaluronic acid into what is called a tear trough. It sounds pretty technical, but I can say without a doubt that it works. I walked out of the clinic looking better than I had in decades. My eyes actually felt better, if that makes any sense. The difference was shocking. Everyone I know noticed immediately when they saw me and wondered what happened. I think I’ve sent at least four people to the clinic to get the same procedure done!

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