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What To Consider When Looking For A Walking Cane.

Walking sticks have come a long way. Since way back in the days. They used to be used by mainly the old and those with limb injuries or those with disability but now they have more use. There is a variety of walking sticks to serve quite a variety of purposes in the world today. If you plan to purchase one for yourself, consider the following things.

Look out for one that is in your style. Know how tall you are when you have shoes on and also when you are upright. What is the length from of your body from wrist downwards to your feet? If you have an already existing cane in the house, use this to determine the length of cane you should buy. Whatever purpose you intend to use the walking stick, the measurements remain the same through and through.

Do an extensive research before making any purchases. The internet has a wealth of information about all the different options you have. Reviews will give you a good idea about a certain walking stick you are considering to buy. There are so many varieties to choose from you will be spoilt for choice, but if you are getting one because of medical reasons, you will have one that the doctor has asked you to buy. If for luxury and cosmetic purposes, then the online market is your oyster and you can weigh and evaluate based on what catches your eye.

It is vital to put in mind the can handle. Cane handle also comes in different sizes. Evaluate the purpose of the cane handle, doctor’s prescription must always be followed. Those in need of cosmetic handles, one look for derby, ergonomic, contoured or palm grip. The most popular in this category is ergonomic.

The weaker part of the walking stick is its tip as it is prone to wear and tear. The cane’s stability comes from the tip as it always touches the ground when it is being used. The kind of tip on your walking stick determines the grip you get on floors. Around the world, people have greatly recommended the rubber tip for it is more steady than the others.

Consider also what material the walking stick is made of. There are wooden, metal and carbon fiber canes sold across the globe. Choose those walking sticks made from carbon fiber because they will last long and are very light in your hand.

Another thing to consider according to your style, is the design of the cane. There is the standard type with a single tip whose main use is only to assist in balance. There are also the quad canes and seat canes which are very popular owing to the fact that they are hands-on.

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