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How to Choose the Appropriate Flea Medication for Your Pet

Nowadays, there is a variety of flea medication designed to prevent and eradicate flea infestation in pets. Here are a few tips to help you select flea medication that suits your pet.

Flea products come in various forms including shampoos, oral medication, wipes, dips, and collars. These flea products contain ingredients effective to kill fleas and ticks and provide additional protection to keep off the fleas. Therefore, you need to choose these products depending on the usage and requirements of your dog.

Similarly, when choosing a flea or tick medicine for your pet, it is important that you consider your pet’s age, lifestyle, species and health status. For instance, oral medicine will be effective if you and your dog have an active lifestyle and if your dog prefers something invisible. Besides, if you are not aware of your pet’s lifestyle, it is important to talk to a veterinarian to help you make the right decision.

Ensure that the medicine is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which is an organization that sets certain guidelines that each product must adhere to. If the flea medicine is FDA approved, it means that it has met all the safety and quality control measures. Do not purchase flea medicine that is not approved by FDA because it will cause adverse health issues in your pet.
Check the flea medicine labels to see if it meant for cats or dogs. Some products are intended for cats awhile other are intended for dogs, so read the instructions carefully and use the medicine as directed. In cases where a cat is given medication that is only meant for dogs, it may cause harmful effects on the cat. If you are not sure which flea medicine to apply to what pet, it is advisable that you talk to a veterinarian.

Check for details of the weight range on the medicine so that you can purchase flea product that is appropriate for your pet. This is especially since using a low weight range will result to infectiveness while using a higher weight range will harm your pet. Make sure that you a weighing scale to weigh your pet or similarly, you can take it to a nearby hospital.
If you are applying a new medication on your pet, look for any signs of adverse reactions. Check if the pet has any swellings on the skin, vomiting, anxiousness and any abnormal behaviors.

Inquire how long the medication will work since you don’t want a medicine that requires regular application particularly if you have a busy lifestyle.

Opt to buy your flea products from stores that offer competitive prices What’s more, you can save a fortune if you purchase flea medicine online as compared to physical stores.

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