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The Most Significant Benefits of WordPress

It’s not a coincidence that about 25% percent of websites all over the web are built through WordPress. It has certain unique advantages that makes it superior in different ways compared to other CMS or content management systems. Therefore, if you are planning to build a website or online presence for whatever purpose, it makes perfect sense to include WordPress in your campaign, and below is a bunch of reasons why you should:

1 – It Doesn’t Cost You Money

Ask any internet marketing expert out there and you’ll get the same answer – that WordPress has to be your perfect tool for that first ever website. The obvious reason for this is because WordPress is literally for free. Yes, it’s true that you will have the option to pay for a premium service, but since it’s your first site, you have all what you need in a free version of it.

2 – It is Flexible

Another undeniable benefit of WordPress is the fact that it is by far the most versatile of all CMS platforms. It’s why all business industries, niches, or brand uses it, even public and private organizations. As a matter of fact, even experienced internet marketing firms such as Jezweb understand that WordPress is the easiest way to come up with an intuitive and highly functional website that’s also aesthetically pleasing. Flexibility in this case means you can create a WordPress site that’s intended to be a blog, a website showcasing your business, or even an online store.

3 – It’s Remarkably Easy

Another remarkable thing about WordPress is that even if you don’t have any background or experience in web design or at least in creating a website, you still can easily learn it. Due to its streamlined platform, creating a website via WordPress is so easy since you will be provided a comprehensive guide all throughout the process. Simply put, it’s a very straightforward process and the only skill you need is reading.

4 – Responsive

If the website you are planning to build is intended to showcase your brand online or you will use it for your business to gain recognition, it means you need it to tank high in the search engine results pages. For that to be realized, you need to build one that’s mobile responsive or friendly. The thing is there’s a current trend in which many consumers who shop online are using their mobile devices to buy stuff, so this means your website must be responsive enough to be viewed on a smaller screen like in a smartphone. Thankfully, WordPress has so many different mobile-friendly themes that will guarantee your website will be viewed in majority if not all mobile platforms without issues.

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