Monstercloud Can Decrypt Encrypted Files Cost-Effectively

Information technology (IT) services can be difficult for a small or medium business to maintain. Setting up business systems, installing basic virus protection, and covering the cost of minimum IT support is typical among small businesses. Staff can call a help desk with computer questions or be talked through a specific procedure to restore a program when needed. High-security measures are simply not in the operating budget. Equipment tends to be used for several years rather than being updated every two or three years. Those circumstances make small businesses easy targets for hackers and cybercriminals. That translates to businesses spending money on ransomware and other virus removals, as well as data recovery.

When an attack does occur, business owners need to seek a company that caters to the needs and budgets of small and medium businesses. Those companies such as monstercloud can decrypt encrypted files quickly and cost-effectively. Most cases only take a few hours and are delivered at a flat rate. Once the situation is assessed and the extent of damage determined, the professional will provide a flat rate for removal. Each situation is unique, which is why an assessment has to be done before an accurate rate can be quoted. The removal service is guaranteed and includes file recovery and post-recovery support via emails and telephone communications. The process of file recovery can be complicated, depending on the encryption code used. Professionals are experienced and have high success rates for a full recovery.

Once one attack has occurred, business owners realize the seriousness of the vulnerability of systems. It is at that point owners begin to explore how to protect the business to prevent further attacks. IT management packages, backup planning and disaster recovery, training and education for staff to reduce risks, and consulting services are available. Business planning and strategic planning help are also offered at affordable rates. Compare the total costs of removal, including time and any lost business, with the costs of maintaining higher security for the computer systems. Businesses that utilize mobile workforce professionals, process orders online, or allow employees to work from home are especially at risk for attacks.

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