I Needed More Instagram Followers for a Contest

I was so excited about a contest that I was going to enter. It is a photography contest, and the grand prize winner gets not only a state of the art camera along with two lenses that I could not ever afford on my own right now, but also the exposure in a national magazine. I so wanted it, but I was dismayed when I saw that one of the requirements was having a certain amount of followers on Instagram. I thought of my options, but it didn’t take long for me to head to get-followers.co.uk.

I thought I could get the number I needed on my own, but then I did the math and saw how I just could not depend on that. I only had two weeks to submit my registration, which meant I would need to add over 30 people every single day. I already had almost 100 followers, but I needed to have at least 500. When I was brainstorming with my brother, he is the one who suggested that I just buy my followers. I thought that might be against the rules, but there was no mention of that.

As long as I had 500 followers, I was in. That really is a no brainer then, and I went to the site that my brother told me about. I was able to buy 500 followers for less money than I spend on a quick lunch out on any given day. I was so excited when I started seeing them trickle in, and I had all of them well before the deadline to get my registration done. In fact, it only took a couple of days to have them all there, and I even started interacting with some of them right from the start. I am really feeling good about my odds now!

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