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The New Places to Wear your Jewelry

Women have always been associated with the jewelry industry. You will always find one on either their necks, earlobes or wrists. It adds a sense of style and elaborates the entire outfit. Some of them cannot imagine walking out of the house without any jewelry on. The speed at which fashion changes has not managed to stop the evolution of jewelry. In today’s world, jewelry is being worn on body parts previously not considered for such. If a body part was not good enough for wearing jewelry; the tune seems to have changed completely.
Necklaces are being designed for the back. Strange as it may seem, this is becoming a normal occurrence. After a while, most ladies can’t think of anything else to wear on their backs. Back necklaces compliment beautifully dresses or tops that have a plunging back neckline, which leaves the back mostly bare. This gives off a nice look, as you would expect from a normal necklace.
Another the trend is the fingernail jewelry. When people hear fingernail jewelry, they imagine it is found in the nail polish, which is not the case here; we mean actual jewelry pieces for the nails. They are diverse in their presentation, from the subtle to the overt. Since ladies can be vulnerable to attack when they are isolated, some of these pieces are designed to be seen as weapons, at least for throwing off potential threats.
Teeth now have their jewelry. They go by the name of grills. The most common characters who can be seen wearing them are the celebrities and those accustomed to the limelight. Their nature dictates that only shiny materials be used in their construction, such as silver and gold. They are expected to be sparkling and bright. Your teeth shall receive a lot of attention when you put them on.
You will also notice that biceps have had their own jewelry pieces created. The new practice is a replication of what the ancient Romans used to wear. Those ladies who have been blessed with nicely sculpted arms can take advantage of this new trend and have them made. Those with lean arms could benefit from this look the most. It is advisable however to not engage in strenuous exercise while still wearing these jewelry pieces.
Hips were not forgotten when these new trends were setting in. It is advisable to try out hip jewelry after you have attained a fit and toned body. This jewelry needs exposure for them to make sense, so the wearer cannot cover them too much. They give off a sexy vibe.
What these jewelry pieces show is a revolution in the way jewelry will be made. The ways of the past in the jewelry world no longer apply. People have the freedom to choose how they will express themselves through their jewels. Any part of the body is open for experimentation. To get more ideas, click here.

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