Finding Similarities Between Relationships and Life

Heaven Made Matches Start On Equal Footing.

When both partners are on a level playing field, that’s when a relation is at its best. Traditionally, men were expected to be in control in a relationship In the modern day, however, things have changed. The changing the way things were done in the past and the way they are done today has created confusion during dating Since women equality is a relatively new phenomenon, partners in a new relationship might find it difficult balancing things. This might pose a challenge at the start of a relationship and could have an impact on how a relationship progress. Comapring the past and what is happening today, it can be noted that things have changed. Making decisions and paying off bills was to be done by men in the past. A majority of women are not looking for those qualities. It is irritating to a majority of women of a man is controlling.

Most of the men, however, often go back to the tried and tested methods of the past as they have not been able to adopt to the changes. The new changes have brought uncertainties. In trying to balance between what they have learnt and what is expected in the modern day, a majority of men find it difficult balancing. Since they are the ones who have gone through the changes, women should be proactive in setting the right tone. A lady should be able to determine what she is looking for in a relationship. They should enjoy themselves if they all want is fun since they are the ones making that decision. It is no longer the case for women to be in a relationship for the just to have fun. A majority of women are concerned with making their date the best.

Planning is one of the new roles that has been conferred to women. This is different from the past where men were the ones who decided what happened on the first date. Making of decisions concerning dates is no longer left to men alone. A lady could appear like she is the one in control if she makes a suggestions of date. Since most ladies are not used to picking date locations, it’s important to allow the man decide about it. This gives a good idea of his likes and also gives him chance to feel in control.In planning for the second dates, the ideas of the first date should help make it better. In making the second date more fun, a lady could pick clues of the first date and put them into use.

Paying of bills is another issue of importance nowadays during dating. Paying bills in a date should not be the obligation of men. It is not modern for men to be expected to pay all bills on a date

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