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What we consume determines who we are

We are made up of what we consume. Foods and beverages affect our bodies This means if your daily intake consists of fatty foods there is build up of hydrogenated fat which is not healthy We all know this but tend to be ignorant Healthy eating habits need changing of mindset regardless of sex, age or physical ability People who eat healthy rarely get sick Eating the right types of food can greatly reduce cases of obesity.

There are several things once incorporated in our diet are healthy and much safe

Firstly,over 60% of the body composition is made water For normal body temperature,digestion,circulation and transportation of nutrients you need to take water. Daily intake of eight or more glasses avoids dehydration. This does not mean that any water is safe for drinking. Pollutants are found water from taps mostly which can be harmful to our health. You can use Everpure water filter to clean water making it safe for drinking. Drinking treated water ensures you don’t have headaches and migraines which means your moods get to be stable Flushing out of toxins by urine that passes through the kidneys helps in normal functioning of the kidneys,this is possible by increasing water intake. Remember, taking beverages does not mean you have taken water Always carry a bottle of water with you to ensure you consume the required amount daily Whenever you are stressed take a few glasses of water,it helps

In addition, minimize your intake of hydrogenated fats Hydrogenation is a process that unsaturated fats to saturated fats Unfortunately our body does not use saturated fats in a good way The body strains to breakdown this fats There is increased risk of heart attack and the blood contains more cholesterol. Buildup of these fats on the arteries makes it hard for pumping of blood because of the sticky nature To avoid intake of hygrogenated fats, it is important to avoid fast food joints. Choose foodstuffs that contain the least amount of hydrogenated fats.

Lastly, you can increase fiber intake to your diet Vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fruits make up fibers. Eating fibers helps in weight loss since you stay full for a longer period of time Intake of fiber lowers your chances of developing heart complications and diabetes Dietary fibre eases digestion making it easy to pass stool Constipation and diarrhea is avoided by intake of fibers. By following the above techniques you are sure to have a healthy body. To increase your lifespan make sure you eat healthy. The heart functions well through proper diet and regular exercise. There is proper functioning of the brain because of sufficient flow of blood Eating healthy meals are wise choice

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